An overview of my publications so far, with, when applicable, links to Arxiv versions.

Comming soon:

  • Gene regulation functions in thermodynamic equilibrium

    Joint work with Jeremy Gunawerdena
  • Sensitifity analysis, an algebraic approach

    Joint work with Elinsenda Feliu



Non-refereed and opinion:

  • Philips' random disk thrower problem

    Proceedings of the European Study Group Mathematics with industry 2013, 59--78, joint work with Ted van der Aalst, Dee Denteneer, Hanna Doering, Manh Hong Duong, Ross J. Kang, Mike Keane, Ivan Kryven, Thomas Meyfroyt, Tobias Mueller, Guus Regts, Jakub Tomczyk
  • De ondragelijke lichtheid van het onderwijs

    NRC Handelsblad 2002